How It Works

 - Book. Tea. Candle - 
Do you want to become a Bookish Escaper? Welcome! Please, join us! Escape with a contemporary novel, a cuppa and candle all in a monthly subscription crate delivered to your door.
Do you enjoy sitting down with a cuppa in hand, a candle burning and reading a great book? Would you love a surprise every second month just for you? Our bi-monthly subscription crate arrives every second month with a brand new contemporary title (just released) and a tea & candle based around themes and settings of the book! 
 If you love the idea of receiving a new title to your door bi-monthly that you won't know until you open it, then this is for you!

 If you love tea, and love the idea that someone (me) has gone to the effort of reading the new release, picking out the themes of the book and creating a tea based on that theme, then this is for you!

 If you love handmade scented candles that involve the settings of the book so it feels like you're right there in the story while you're reading it, then this is for you!

Our curated book crates come with a brand new release title for the month, a handpicked tea to compliment a theme or setting of the book, and a hand poured candle that have been designed in house that accompanies the story. I work diligently towards picking the flavours and aromas so that you can experience the story with your senses as well as your mind. A sensory journey for your reading pleasure. 

If you like to get on board for our bi-monthly book crates, click here and order before the end of the month! Ships on or around the 15th of the month. Join the #BookishEscapers and sit back, relax and immerse yourself in another world