About Us

 - Book. Tea. Candle - 


Welcome! My name is Whitney and I am the founder and owner of The Bookish Escape Crate. 

Born out of a passion of reading, creating and building a better world, this baby of mine was built when I went on maternity leave back in 2016. After having my first beautiful little boy, I wanted to be able to still exercise my intellectual and creative mind, alongside my new journey into motherhood. 

Some of my core values in life are;

1. Having an education and access to books at all times

2. Being more eco-conscious, slowing down and being present

3. Always having an outlet for your creativity!

These values run through the veins of this business. In this fast paced world we live in, we need to cut the noise out of our lives occasionally and reset. Allow us to do that in your bookish crate of slow living goodness, filled with literary references and items to allow you to just be in the present moment, and escape the busy world. Get yourself lost in a good book, knowing you’re doing something right for the environment, and spread the literary love

(Photo credit to Little You - Captured by Alysha)